As a woman growing up in a society where people are often
portrayed as objects rather than persons, I felt an impossible
standard to live up to. And as my love for fashion magazines
was very prominent from a young age, my dream of contributing
to showing humans in a different way became more prominent. 
Through the combination of documentary and fashion
photography and using a lot of color and a bright flash,
I aim for a visually striking image that keeps your attention
but also adds to a image culture where people are shown with worth.
In 1995 I was born as Sterre Fenna van der Waals (Netherlands)
and am now a freelance photographer and art teacher
living and working in the Netherlands.
Olympus Young Talent Award 2017
Shortlisted for a RABO photographic Portrait Talent prize 2020
Nominated for a BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner 2017
Nominated for a Joke Veeze Award for Fashion Photography 2017